Recreation vehicle (RV) owners are extremely likely to continue RVing, but there are still many opportunities to improve their satisfaction with products, dealer sales and service and campgrounds, according to the fourth consumer satisfaction study commissioned by the Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence.
Nearly all towable owners (96%) and motorhome owners (94%) intend to continue RVing over the next five years, the study of over 11,187 RV buyers revealed.
Three-fourths of motorhome owners and eight in ten towable owners are “completely/very satisfied” with their overall RVing experience – up from 1999 when the survey began, but flat since then.
The 2005 RV Consumer Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Roper/NOP World, updates similar studies completed in 1999, 2001 and 2003, providing baseline comparisons and trend analysis on consumer satisfaction with the entire RV experience. Respondents purchased 2004 model year RVs prior to Aug. 1, 2004.
“In an era where many industries and companies are working toward customer satisfaction levels of 90% or higher, clearly all of us as manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and campgrounds have room for improvement,” said Go RVing Committee on Excellence Chairman Jim Sheldon of Monaco Coach Corp. “The survey reinforces how each sector plays an important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty.”
Other highlights of the survey include:
* 76% of motorhome owners and 82% of towable owners are completely or very satisfied with their product.
* Brand loyalty, or the likelihood to recommend the same make/model of RV to a friend, is 76% for motorhomes and 81% for towables.
* Eight in ten towable owners and nearly seven in ten motorhome owners report they “definitely”/ “probably will” recommend their dealer to family or friends.
* 61% of motorhome owners and 74% of towable owners are completely or very satisfied with their dealer.
* 76% of RV owners expressed high levels of satisfaction with the commercial campgrounds last visited. About 4% of motorhome and towable owners expressed some level of dissatisfaction with their last stay at a commercial campground.
The research is part of an industrywide effort to deliver world-class travel and vacation experiences to new and current RV owners. Designed as a “self-assessment” of consumer satisfaction with the entire RV experience, the research provides valuable feedback to manufacturers, dealers, and campgrounds on what drives both satisfaction with and loyalty to the RVing experience.
“There was consensus on the committee that we will not be satisfied with the status quo,” Sheldon said. “We are always working towards improving customer satisfaction, particularly as more American families embrace the RV lifestyle.” The Committee on Excellence has scheduled a meeting in September at the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo to discuss how the industry can act on the Roper/NOP World survey. Additionally, RVIA’s board has asked the Supplier Committee to review the warranty process to see how it can be made more efficient.
A total of 30,000 questionnaires were mailed to customers in February for the 2005 study, which was expanded to cover new research topics and achieved a 38% response rate.
A 2005 Topline Results summary containing trended overall measures since 1999 is available free upon request to RVIA, RVDA, and ARVC members. A more extensive overview report will be available in late July for a fee of $250 upon execution of a confidentiality agreement between the purchaser and Go RVing. To place an order, call RVIA at 1-800-336-0154, ext. 311.