In preparation for the upcoming Canada’s Parks Day 2012, Go RVing Canada is providing tips for a fun and affordable family RV adventure, according to a press release.

On July 21, Canadian parks and historic sites from coast-to-coast will host fun and educational events for the whole family. Go RVing Canada is excited to support the many parks and historic sites which Canadians flock to each year.

RV vacations are a flexible and fun way to visit many different Canadian tourism hotspots on a family vacation. RV travel is incredibly flexible because you can bring along all the comforts of home and turn a regular weekend into a getaway at a moment’s notice. Canadian parks often have educational events and family oriented activities available, making the RV getaway a fun-filled outing for everyone.

“Canada’s Parks Day is a great reason to get in your RV and visit your local historic site or park,” said Emily Reid, Go RVing Canada’s national spokesperson. “RVing is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, and with so many beautiful parks across Canada offering RV friendly sites, you can enjoy an RV adventure in any province.”

A typical family RV vacation can be up to 78% less expensive per day than other forms of vacation travel. The savings associated comes from the flexibility of cooking in your RV, as well as the low cost of accommodation. RV campsites range from $25-$45 dollars a night and include hookups for water, electricity and waste to service every RV need.

“Around 90% of owners say that their number one priority is seeing the country,” said Reid. “Why not seize Canada Parks Day as an opportunity to visit a new part of the province and explore the great outdoors in an RV?”

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