Representatives of the Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence will meet with J.D. Power and Associates by Aug. 1 before deciding whether to hire the company for a second round of consumer satisfaction research.

The committee is concerned about J.D. Power’s recent association with the Internet-based Consumer Car Club. The joint venture promises to “revolutionize” shopping for autos by providing advice on pricing, financing and maintenance.

The Committee on Excellence had sought assurances from J.D. Power that Consumer Car Club would not extend its reach into RVs.

“They (J.D. Power) cannot unilaterally agree to our terms,” said excellence committee Chairman Jim Sheldon, special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp. “They have stressed that they will not compete with what RV dealers are trying to do on the Internet.”

The purpose of the meeting on Aug. 1 will be to see if an accommodation can be made, Sheldon said.

“We will give them their day in court to present their facts,” Sheldon said. “Based on the evaluation, we will proceed with a full-committee review or move on to select an alternative (another company to conduct the survey).”

In 1999, J.D. Power conducted surveys of 30,000 people who bought 1997 model year RVs to gauge their satisfaction with the vehicle, the dealership where they made the purchase and, to a lesser extent, the campgrounds where they stayed.

Power is asking $407,000 for its services this year.