Based on input from dealers and campground owners, an enhanced Go RVing tie-in program that will empower Go RVing participants to successfully implement the national Go RVing ad campaign messages on a local level is under development by The Richards Group, the Dallas-based agency that is leading the advertising campaign into Phase III early next year.
“The Richards Group has proposed a tie-in marketing package that is flexible, easy to use and customize, and one that capitalizes on the Internet to deliver resources and information in a very cost-efficient and timely manner,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA’s vice president of public relations and advertising.
Richards has proposed a Go RVing dealer Extranet, a password-protected site that will serve as a one-stop online resource consisting of three major sections: Dealer Leads; Best Dealer Practices; and The Marketing Toolbox.
Similar to the current leads database, the new program will offer resources and tools to better manage leads generated from Go RVing inquiries/prospects.
The Best Dealer Practices section will feature content including examples of successful direct marketing campaigns and specific programs that generate immediate results.
The Marketing Toolbox is being designed to provide resources that help participants better analyze market conditions and respond with effective advertising tied into the national theme.
As a creative resource, the Toolbox will offer turnkey tools to create localized versions of the national TV, radio and print ads for dealers and campground owners advertising their own businesses. Users will be able to order the enhanced ads directly from the site in broadcast quality for local TV or radio stations, or download them in electronic format for print publications.
The Marketing Toolbox will also offer participants an image database containing high-quality images that can be downloaded for use in advertising, direct-mail pieces, collateral materials and even yellow pages ads.
“The dealer tie-in program will provide resources that dealers, their agencies, state and local associations and campground operators need to create and deliver their own advertising using components based on the national campaign. With national and local exposure for the Go RVing messages, consumer awareness of RV travel should increase significantly,” said Phil Ingrassia, RVDA’s communications director.