The Go RVing message touting the affordability of RV travel received some high-profile placement during last weekend’s Super Bowl festivities.
According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), supplier member Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company added the Go RVing message to its popular Goodyear Airship, a “What Will You Discover” Go RVing” and a print ad appeared in the Super Bowl XLIII souvenir program.
In the days leading up to the game in Tampa, Fla., , the renowned Goodyear airship displayed the value theme of this year’s campaign: “Go Affordably. Go RVing. Visit GoRVing.com.”
“We are deeply grateful to Goodyear for its continued support,” said RVIA Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gary LaBella. “In these times it’s imperative for both Go RVing and Goodyear to convince the public to get out on the road and travel – and that RVing is a very affordable way to do so. Having our message on the Goodyear airships will provide a wonderful, eyecatching lift to the 2009 campaign.”
RV tailgating was also a big part of the Super Bowl festivities as extreme tailgater Jay DiEugenio hosted “SuperGate II.” The event brought together hundreds of RVers from around the country for the “Super Brawl of Tailgating” — a four-day party that began the Thursday before the Super Bowl and continued through Pittsburgh’s win over Arizona.
DiEugenio was an RVIA spokesman in 2007, tailgating at each of the AFC cities during that season. RVIA has continued to work with DiEugenio to promote SuperGate to media. This year’s event included approximately 90 RVs and more than 500 tailgaters.
The SuperGate party attracted interest from reporters again in 2009. Extra!, a nationally syndicated entertainment magazine show, aired two segments. The event was featured on local television and radio, as well as in print publications such as Canada’s National Post, the Florida Times Tribune, and the Tampa Tribune.