The Go RVing Coalition is considering adjusting the third phase of its national advertising campaign to attract more minority group members to the RV lifestyle.

“Yes, we want to look at the minority market, and any other market that we might not be getting to,” said Coalition Chairman Tom Faludy, who also is president of supplier firm Carefree of Colorado.

New surveys of past and present RV owners might affect the direction of Go RVing ads, in terms of minority appeal, during the third phase of the campaign, which will begin in 2003, said Gary LaBella, RVIA’s vice president of public relations and advertising.

Meanwhile, Dr. Richard Curtin, Ph.D., senior associate research scientist at the University of Michigan Survey Research Center, recently told the RVIA’s Market Information Committee that the industry has not done well attracting minorities – primarily African-Americans – to the RV lifestyle.

“Among blacks, you are still doing very poorly,” Curtin said. “But there is substantial improvement among Hispanics, who find this type of recreation attractive. I think if you are going to diversify, it will probably be mainly in the Hispanic area.”