The Go RVing Coalition announced that updates to the Tie-In Program are now complete.

According to a press release, the Go RVing Dealer Tie-In Program has provided resources to Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) members for nearly 20 years, allowing them to sign up for access to leads, images, promotional materials, ad campaign information and video downloads as a means to unify messaging across the industry and attract new customers. Members of the RV Industry Association (RVIA) also have access to these assets.

Some of the brand-new materials available include four downloadable video clips from the successful “Unexpected” series with adventure skier Brody Leven, along with a downloadable video clip from the “AWAY” series, which includes family camping, tailgating and millennial footage. All provided footage is in high-definition and broadcast-quality, which is suitable for local TV commercials and other promotional efforts.

Users will also have the option to download the complete Brody Leven footage package at a cost of $250, while the individual downloads are $75 each. Stock footage from 2014 and 2016 are still available and at reduced pricing.

Dealers can log in to their accounts to access the newly integrated footage that’s now available, providing an array of imagery from diverse landscapes. There is also a wide range of RVs depicted which covers just about every type on the current market to aid in an “expansive, diverse promotional outreach,” the release stated. Included with the updates to video footage, the Go RVing taggable TV spots remain available under “Industry Tie-In Marketing Materials.”

For more information, dealers may contact Chuck Boyd at [email protected] while other industry members may contact Greg Johnson at [email protected]