Editor’s note: The following story, reprinted with permission, was published in the Winter 2017 edition of RVIA Today.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 9.41.50 AMGuided by the recent go RVing Communications Planning Study conducted by Nielsen, the go RVing 2017 national advertising and promotion plan emphasizes outreach to Active Family Adventurers, Nature Lovers, and Kid-Free adult Adventurers. All three have one thing in common “” a love of the active, outdoor lifestyle “” which served as a compass in both selecting the mix of media, and fine-tuning the messages to incorporate in this year’s plan.

Same “˜AWAY’ Theme: New Twists

AWAY will continue as the main message, but will venture into new directions. And as of Jan. 30, the voice of Tom Selleck will no longer be used. Dealers are advised to pull all ads featuring his voice as royalty payments have stopped and if used on websites or any other venue, dealers will be liable for paying royalty fees.

Over the past 18 months, as ads were up for renewal, Selleck was being replaced by a female voice that resonates well with targeted audiences. Dealers who purchased the Victory ad with Selleck’s voice will be able to download the new version at no charge.

Come fall Go RVing will debut a new tailgate ad. The 30-second spot will be dedicated to college football tailgating and will air on various national TV and online outlets.

Go RVing Microsite Offers More

Designed to complement Go RVing.com, the AWAY microsite features testimonial-themed videos that share personal stories of adventure and discovery made possible by owning an RV.

Beginning in early March, a series of seven new AWAY stories will appear on the microsite. Centered around the popularity of women who RV on their own, Millennials who RV to music festivals in the city, urban professionals who RV to escape the stress of city living and recharge their batteries, and a devoted group of college football fans who regularly tailgate in their RVs, the videos feature authentic RVers sharing a glimpse into how having an RV enhances the experiences they are passionate about.

Added Value Print Buys

From O, the Oprah Magazine to Outside, this year’s print ad buy includes multiple national publications offering value-added components to complement the traditional Go RVing ad placement. For example, Redbook is incorporating a four-page spread documenting the personal RV excursion of its editor-in-chief and her family, plus Go RVing will participate in Camp Redbook, an experiential event sponsored by the magazine. Popular Mechanics will include a print and digital advertorial with the ad space, as well as participation in one of its special events.

Digital, Seasonal and Experiential

Rounding out the 2017 plan, digital/online elements include placing a variety of Go RVing ads and native video content across high impact, influencer, social media, mobile, and search properties, as well as devoting dollars to promote Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat posts.

Seasonal camping targeted marketing will primarily focus on teaching urban and suburban folks that leaving their RVs at one campsite can provide a convenient local retreat option.

On the experiential marketing front, Go RVing plans to cover familiar territory and explore new horizons to help inspire potential customers to learn more about the RV lifestyle, as well as provide potential tie-in opportunities with RV manufacturers and dealers.

Dealer Tie-in Offerings

RV dealers are encouraged to sign up for the 2017 Go RVing dealer tie-in program to leverage Go RVing campaigns at the local level. For a nominal cost, participating dealers receive consumer leads as well as access to the industry-only section of Go RVing.com, which provides promotional resources such as images, logos and b-roll footage for use in direct mail, online marketing and custom commercials. To sign up, visit the industry-only page.

Added features this year for participating dealers include a new 20-minute looping digital file with age spots and fresh video footage from the AWAY microsite, reviewing and showrooms or at retail shows.