Awareness of Go RVing’s TV ads rose rapidly and significantly during the first five weeks of this year’s installment of the national ad campaign, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reports in the current edition of its newsletter RVIA Today.
A study of the campaign’s core market – parents aged 30 to 49 – showed 39% recalled either the Go RVing slogan or a theme of the current campaign without prompting, according to SIR Inc., which monitors the effectiveness of Go RVing’s ads and their impact on attitudes and purchase intentions.
With prompting, over half of those surveyed recalled seeing or hearing ads with the Go RVing theme. Heavy TV viewers were especially likely to recall the ads.
Three out of five of those aware of Go RVing said they watch ABC’s America’s Funniest Videos. Nearly seven out of 10 viewers recalled seeing the “Mother Nature” ad featuring a family discovering awe-inspiring vacation destinations by RV.
“Television viewing clearly impacts RV attitudes, with more favorable attitudes found among those who watch at least one of the programs on Go RVing’s 2004 network media plan, possibly as a direct result of the ads,” said Southeastern Institute of Research Inc. (SIR) Executive Director Richard Steele. “This shows your television advertising is effective.”
As in 2003, one in five of those who recognize the Go RVing slogan said they would purchase an RV someday, and slightly more than that among heavy TV viewers. One out of six said they were likely to visit an RV dealer or show in the near future, and one in 10 said they would buy within the next 12 months.
“These strongly predisposed buyers are being driven to dealer lots by the ads,” said Go RVing Coalition Co-chairman Tom Stinnett, president of the Tom Stinnett RV Freedom Center dealership in Clarksville, Ind.