The Go RVing Coalition’s national advertising campaign’s TV spots have been effective in reaching a target audience because “heavy television watchers” have more favorable attitudes toward RVs than others, according to the Southeastern Institute of Research Inc. (SIR).
“Almost three out of 10 heavy television viewers are likely to someday purchase an RV,” according to SIR. “This group also is more likely to visit a dealer or show in the near future, and rent an RV within the next 12 months.”
Richmond, Va.-based SIR recently surveyed households headed by two adults ages 30 to 49 with at least one child under 18 living at home and with an annual income of at least $40,000. SIR conducted its survey in March of a national sample of those households to measure the effectiveness of the first five weeks of this year’s “Pursue Your Passions” national ad campaign, which is sponsored by the coalition.
According to SIR “unaided awareness” among “core families” was 39%, compared with 32% during the first quarter of 2003.
“Over half recall hearing or seeing advertising that encourages people to Go RVing,” SIR reports. “Fewer actually recall the ‘Pursue Your Passions, Go RVing,’ slogan. However, twice as many of those who have previously traveled in an RV recall the slogan as those with no RV travel experience.
“In addition, an above-average one-out-of-six heavy television watchers also recall the slogan,” according to SIR. “As in past studies, the majority attribute their recall to a television spot.”
Three out of five of those aware of the slogan watch America’s Funniest Home Videos, SIR reports. “Nearly half of Go RVing’s target family (audience) watch it and twice as many watch this program as watch the second-place show, According to Jim.
The TV shows carrying Go RVing ads that are watched the least by the target audience are The Wonderful World of Disney, I’m With Her, Less Than Perfect and Married to the Kellys, SIR reported.