golDit will be hosting Massachusetts renowned caricature artist Neil Portney at its display during the Nov. 11-15 RVDA Convention Expo. According to a press release, golDit is a first-time exhibitor at the event, being held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. golDit will be introducing dealers to its asset location system that is currently installed at several dealerships throughout the country.

goIDit provides a battery powered sensor that gets attached to each unit on the sales lot, providing information about each unit to identify the make, model, year, VIN, and stock number. An app running on a phone or tablet reads the sensor ID, as users move around the lot, and updates the GPS location of each unit. Any user running the app can quickly search for and locate any unit on your lot.

goIDit helps dealers:

  • Automate the way they track and locate units in inventory.
  • Sell more units.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Run more efficiently.
  • Save time and money searching for units on the lot (new units, pre-owned inventory and customers units in for service).