Fuel prices have come down slightly, but they remain near record highs, so two firms catering to RV enthusiasts, the Good Sam Club and Cruise America, are offering fuel price discounts.
The Good Sam program is offered in conjunction with Love’s Travel Shops. Good Sam members having a card with a magnetic strip on the reverse side will get a discount of 2 cents per gallon for gasoline and 1 cent per gallon for diesel fuel at participating Love’s locations, according to Sue Bray, executive director of the Good Sam Club.
Good Sam Club, RV Business and RVBUSINESS.COM all are units of Affinity Group Inc.
Everyone who has joined the Good Sam Club or renewed their membership within the past 12 months has a membership card with a magnetic strip on the back. Those who do not can call 1-800-234-3450 to either renew their membership or request a replacement card free of charge, Bray said.
Other benefits available to Good Sam members include 10% discounts on purchases at the fast-food restaurants at all Love’s locations and free dumping at most Love’s locations.
Meanwhile, RV rental firm Cruise America is offering rebates for periods of time when the national average price for self-serve regular unleaded gasoline is above $1.45 per gallon. The rebates are awarded as credits when customers return their vehicles to Cruise America, according to Bob Caldarone, marketing director.
The $1.45 a gallon figure was selected because that was the national average price for regular unleaded gas as of last Jan. 1, Caldarone said.
Currently (April 11), the national average price for self-serve regular unleaded gas is $1.606 per gallon, according to www.fuelgaugereport.com, a service of the AAA.
The national average price for regular unleaded was $1.612 a gallon on Thursday (April 10), $1.706 a gallon as of mid-March and $1.418 a gallon during mid-April 2002, the AAA also reported.
The record high price for gasoline, in terms of the national average and not adjusted for inflation, was $1.722 a gallon set on March 18 of this year.
Cruise America uses the AAA’s fuel price reports to determine the amount of the rebates to which customers are entitled, Caldarone said. The prices are updated weekly.
The gas price rebates are available only to U.S. and Canadian citizens and only for units rented in the U.S.
In terms of diesel fuel, the national average price now is $1.668 a gallon, the AAA reports. On Thursday, it was $1.673 a gallon, during mid-March it was $1.822 a gallon and during mid-April 2002, its was $1.383 a gallon.
The all-time record high price for diesel fuel was $1.829 a gallon on March 14 this year.