David Gorin, long-time president of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), will leave his current position early next year to become a consultant in the campground and travel industries.

Gorin, 55, announced his resignation in an Oct. 14 letter to the ARVC Board of Directors.

“I wanted to do something else,” Gorin told RVBUSINESS.COM. “I didn’t see myself staying with ARVC until complete retirement 10 or 15 years down the road. As a consultant, I will be helping people get into the campground business and help others develop their business.”

Gorin said he intends to focus on government relations with the campground industry after stepping down in late January or early February.

Gorin joined ARVC as executive vice president in 1987 when the association was called the National Campground Owners Association (NCOA). He was named president in 1993.

A former assocation executive with the solar energy indstury, Gorin said he told the ARVC board he would like to remain associated with ARVC as an independent contractor.

“There are some strengths that I bring that will be hard for ARVC to duplicate,” Gorin said.

ARVC Chairman Randy Packard held out that possibility when he said, “I expect the board will want to keep his expertise even if only on a part-time basis,” Packard said.