The GoRVing Coalition picked The Richards Group of Dallas to be its agency for Phase 3 of the GoRVing national advertising campaign.
Richards, whose client list includes The Home Depot, Motel 6 and Nokia, was selected by the coalition Wednesday (March 6) and the agency will be hired if the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) staff can negotiate a satisfactory fee schedule.
The RVIA’s Board ratified the coalition’s decision today (March 8) and the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) Board also voted earlier this week to approve the selection of Richards.
If an agreement is finalized, then Richards will take control over the program from Eisner Communications of Baltimore, which handled the industrywide national ad campaign the last five years. Eisner’s “GoRVing, Life’s a Trip” campaign will continue to appear through the end of this year and then Richards would handle the creative and media buying for 2003 through 2005.
The coalition also voted Wednesday to continue funding the ad campaign with a $44 fee paid by RV manufacturers for every unit they build. However, the coalition might decide to raise the fee, possibly as soon as June 10, when it meets again during the RVIA’s Committee Week.
Currently, the coalition hopes to raise around $40 million during the 2003 through 2005 time frame to fund the third phase of the ad program.
Richards was selected in favor of three competitors: Eisner; The Martin Agency of Richmond, Va., and WestWayne of Atlanta. Coalition members were evenly divided between selecting Richards and Martin, but picked Richards after further discussion.
“Pursue your passions” could be the main theme of Phase 3 of the GoRVing campaign, at least that’s what Glenn Dady, creative group head at Richards, recommended on Wednesday.
“Your advertising is a little passive, it needs to be more active,” Dady said.
The coalition’s responsibility on Wednesday was not to select the actual creative work for Phase 3, but to make a decison based upon which agency’s work could do the most to expand the market for RVs.