A dozen national parks and monuments throughout Arizona are joining Grand Canyon National Park in raising admission fees, as are many national parks across the country, the Arizona Republic reported.

This year, the federal government lifted a six-year moratorium on fee increases at public lands and for activities such as camping, boating and hiking. Fee increases have been approved at 105 national parks, monuments and historic areas, including 13 in Arizona.

There are more than 400 national parks and monuments nationwide, 26 in Arizona, and 131 participated in the fee-increase process. Fees at additional locations could be approved later.

Some fees, such as at Grand Canyon, have already gone up. Others will increase on Oct. 1. At some locations, including Glen Canyon National Recreation Area that straddles Arizona and Utah, fees increased on June 1 and will go up again on Jan. 1.

The U.S. National Park Service has estimated that as much as $11.5 billion is needed to repair and maintain roads, trails, buildings and other infrastructure at parks nationwide.

Emily Davis, a spokesperson and ranger, said this year that many people who participated in the 60-day public-comment period supported the idea of raising fees at places like Grand Canyon.

Smaller parks have received similar feedback from patrons.

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