Indian’s South Bend-Elkhart region landed another big investment.

The South Bend Tribune reported that the Lilly Endowment Inc. is giving a $42.4 million grant to the University of Notre Dame and South Bend-Elkhart Regional Partnership to form Labs for Industry Futures and Transformation, an initiative intended to bring together education, business and economic development in the region to make the region more competitive globally.

The Rev. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, told a crowd of nearly 200 gathered at ETHOS Innovation Center that the region is responding by coming together to become a better place to live, but also compete in the global economy.

“We find ourselves in a different time when change is lightning fast, often disruptive, but full of promise,” he said. “We can become a powerful center for innovation and initiative. We must seize this opportunity Lilly has given us.”

The Lilly grant, similar to ones awarded to Fort Wayne, Columbus and Bloomington regions, is intended to help the region train, attract and keep talent by focusing on innovation and technology.

“We try to look for areas that have a strong core of assets that they can be brought together to drive greater economic benefit,” said Rob Smith, Lilly Endowment’s vice president for community development.

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