Great Alaskan Holidays (www.rvak.com), an Anchorage-based RV rental firm reported that the company has reached a milestone during the 2017 season.
Beginning as a small motorhome rental company in early 1985, Great Alaskan Holidays has surpassed all previous seasons by renting out more motorhomes, and more rental days, than any other season in the company’s 32-year history.       
“We spend a lot of one-on-one time with our valued customers as we aggressively position ourselves out in front of fluid and ever-changing targets such as evolving marketing conditions and overall customer satisfaction,” stated Director of Marketing Bob Johnson in a press release. “We’ve learned a lot over the years, relying heavily on customer and industry interaction. And most recently, during the 2017 ATIA Convention, we relearned through a presentation from Destination Analysts, that Alaska isn’t necessarily on the top of minds when it comes to travel destinations.”
Johnson said detailed study validates the company’s belief that “private enterprise must continue stepping up in support of Alaska’s tourism industry, and it must do so through meaningful, thoughtful outreach, and collaboration with partner tourism businesses.”
He added, “Great Alaskan Holidays remains passionately devoted to our employees, our customers, the markets we serve, our partners, and our local communities as we look forward to an equally strong 2018 tourism season.”