Greeley, Colo., has joined the list of communities pondering rules limiting RV owners’ rights to store their rigs on their property.
Greeley already has an ordinance prohibiting RV owners from storing RVs or boats within 25 feet of the front property line and it limits who can store them in side yards. And most RV owners are required to park them on a paved surface, not gravel or dirt.
The ordinance has been on Greeley’s books for years but it didn’t grab much attention until last year, when the city started writing more RV parking tickets.
If the city continues writing citations, it will force many RV owners to pay for storage in commercial lots, where they are at risk of vandalism, one Greeley resident told the City Council during a meeting earlier this month, the Greeley Tribune reported.
One RV owner said he pays to park his rigs in a commercial lot because it keeps his neighborhood “looking nice.” But he was in the minority during the recent council meeting, which was attended mostly by RV owners who oppose parking restrictions.
Several council members said they would consider “tweaking” Greeley’s RV parking ordinance at an unspecified later date.