The Greeley, Colo., City Council decided last week to postpone a decision on a new RV parking ordinance until after the Nov. 4 election, according to the Greeley Tribune.
Greeley has had an RV parking and storage ordinance on the books for years, but it was not an issue until police began writing more RV parking tickets last year than in previous years. That led to RV owners calling for a more lenient ordinance while other Greeley residents want the RV parking restrictions to remain unchanged.
Council members were surveyed on the subject in June and they, according to the Tribune, agree on the following items:
• RV owners can park their rigs in front of their homes for up to three days and visitors can park theirs in front of the homes of their hosts for up to one week.
• RV owners should be allowed to store their rigs in their backyards and side lots.
• RVs can be parked on gravel lots.
• No more than one RV can be parked on a residential property.
Greeley’s current ordinance prohibits the parking of RVs within 25 feet of the front property line and limits who can store them in side yards. RVs also must be parked on a paved surface, according to the existing law.