A controversy over RV parking rules has been simmering in Greeley, Colo., for months, but it could come to a conclusion in May, according to the Greeley Tribune.
The Greeley City Council has scheduled a public hearing and vote on a new RV parking ordinance for May 20, the newspaper reported today (April 23).
RV owners generally believe the new parking ordinance would be more restrictive than the current law on the city’s books. For example, the proposed ordinance would prohibit the parking of an RV in a manner that it would extend beyond the front of a home. Currently, an RV can extend beyond the front of a home as long it is at least 25 feet from the front property line, the Tribune reported.
Other elements of the proposed ordinance include the following:
• RVs can be parked on front driveways for up to 24 hours for cleaning or packing for a trip. Guests with an RV can park their rig a front driveway for up to 72 hours one time per year.
• Most RVs can be stored in back yards as long as they are at least five feet from the rear property line and on a paved or gravel surface. The RV must be screened from view, in some cases, but it cannot be parked next to a public street.
• RVs can be parked on gravel that is at least four inches deep and satisfies other requirements. Currently, RVs in Greeley must be parked on a solid surface such as concrete or asphalt.
One council member, Don Feldhaus, called the proposed ordinance “somewhat of a travesty” because the Colorado economy depends to a significant degree on tourism, the newspaper reported.