RV Daily Report, an online news and information resource serving the recreation vehicle industry, has moved its operation from Wisconsin to Arizona, according to a press release.

The move to the Southwest brings the company closer to one of the fast-growing RV markets in America, said publisher Greg Gerber. Plus the climate makes a better base upon which to operate a publication dedicated to serving people who like to travel.

“We are working on a number of projects for next year that will simply make it easier for us to cover the entire RV industry from a base located in an area where bad weather is measured in hours, not inches,” said Gerber.

“I am extremely happy with where we are today. It has been a difficult year for the RV industry and for our publication as well,” said Gerber.

At the start of the year, Gerber was publishing the newsletter as RV Industry News until his media partner went out of business. Gerber then ventured out on his own and relaunched as RVeNEWS, until a competitor threatened legal action suggesting the name was too similar to theirs. Finally, in August, Gerber relaunched again as RV Daily Report, a name he says aptly summarizes what his publication is all about.

“We are very excited about the year ahead,” said Gerber. “As the RV industry bounces back from the worst market in more than 40 years, we stand ready to promote the industry, its campgrounds and its customers.”