Starting next week, RVeNEWS will change its name to RV Daily Report in an effort to avoid litigation threatened by a competitor, according to a current posting on the Stoughton, Wis.-based website.

The move was forced in July when the owner of a competitive website felt RVeNEWS was causing confusion in the marketplace. An attorney representing the owner of RV News threatened legal action unless RVeNEWS changed its name, said Greg Gerber, founder of RVeNEWS.

Gerber solicited input from his current readers regarding the new name for the website. “First we asked readers to tell us whether they liked or hated about 40 prospective domains. Then we whittled that number down to the top 10 and asked readers to rank them in order from their most favorite to their least favorite,” said Gerber.

In the end, readers had ranked RV Daily Report among their top favorites — a choice Gerber said was indicative of what he is trying to do in serving the RV industry.

“With our comprehensive reporting of stories impacting RV dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, campgrounds and RV owners, we are really reporting all the news we can find,” he explained. “And as the industry’s pioneer in developing a daily newsletter listing all the stories we found that day, RV Daily Report really describes what we do best.”

The readers’ top two choices — RV Industry Today and RV Industry Update — were eliminated after objections were raised by an association that RV Industry Today may cause confusion with readers of RVIA Today, published by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, and discovery of a Wall Street publication that provided a regular update of companies in the RV industry.

“We wanted to avoid repeating the problem that led to the name change in the first place,” said Gerber. “I think RV Daily Report will be well received by our readers and the industry we serve.”

Gerber noted this will be the second name change for his website in the past four months, and he thanked readers for their patience, support and understanding.

“I really loved RV Industry News and wish I could use it today,” he said. “But, we founded that publication with the help of Milo Media. When Milo Media went out of business, we attempted to buy the rights to use the name, agreed to a price and even drew up a contract, but the company president refused to sign it. So we were forced to start over with RVeNEWS.

“I really didn’t expect a problem with RVeNEWS because we used www.rvinews.com as the domain upon which we built RV Industry News. So, when we had to start over, switching the “I’ to an “E” didn’t seem like it would be a big deal,” Gerber explained. “But, apparently it was enough of a change to frustrate a competitor.

“Many of our readers encouraged me to fight to protect the domain, but I really couldn’t afford the cost and the distraction that would be inherent in any legal battle,” he added. “RV Daily Report will work just fine and may even work to our advantage based on some other ideas we would like to implement this fall.”

Switching the name should not cause any problems for readers other than requiring them to bookmark a new page. “Our goal is to simply rename the site this weekend and preserve all the content, comments, etc,” Gerber explained. “But, if we run into a glitch, and need to redesign the site, it will be fully functional one way or the other come Monday morning.”

Starting Monday (Aug. 24), the new website can be accessed at www.rvdailyreport.com. People who have accessed RVeNEWS on their Blackberries at www.rvenews.mobi, will be able to keep abreast of industry happenings by visiting www.rvdailyreport.mobi. People who forget to enter the new domain will auotmatically be redirected to the new site.

Gerber said he’ll take advantage of the situation to make some changes to the website’s functionality as well as to the daily newsletter.