Guaranty RV’s Rodger Stricklin is spent the weekend teaching anxious people — mostly women — how to drive a 31-foot motor home around cones in a gravel parking lot.

The Register-Guard reported that the women are first timers either because they’re just getting into RVs — or often because they’ve been content to let their husbands drive for years or even decades, Stricklin said.

On Saturday, they took free, low-pressure lessons in RV navigation as part of Guaranty RV’s travel season opening day in Junction City, Ore. The lessons and other events continued through the weekend.

The women, who make up 90% of his students, came with minds full of trepidation about what could occur if they should fail to heel what appears initially to be a mammoth, willful, swerve-happy beast.

Eugene resident Jeanne Carletta, 56, has taken years of trips with her husband behind the wheel. Her dark fear about driving is that the motorhome will tip over.

“If I turn too soon, and I hit the curb, it’s going to go up, and being so tall … ” she said, her voice training away from the awful thought.

Her friend Ginny Johnson, 60, said it’s the vortex created when a truck passes close to a motorhome.

“That big-wheeler goes past me at 65 mph, and the motorhome does this,” she said, whipping her arms back and forth. “That makes me uncomfortable.”

Stricklin agreed there are some things to be aware of when driving an RV, some of which are priced more than a small house.

“Depending on how hard you hit a curb, if you damage one of them wheels, you’re looking at $800 or $1,000 for a new wheel,” he said.

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