Lauren Labunsky

Editor’s Note: The following blog is authored by Lauren Labunsky, public relations manager for Dealer Spike, a company that provides websites as well as a suite of online advertising solutions designed to help dealers increase sales and service profitability.

Any retailer knows how important it is to connect with your customers, but it can be tough to ensure that your communication efforts are being heard.

The most important thing you want customers to know is that your dealership has the RVs, parts, and accessories they’re looking for – and that your store is the place to buy from, not the competing RV dealership across town. But how do you deliver this message to them?

Many marketers argue that the best way to reach your customers is through email because it provides a direct line of communication. While paid advertisements on search engines and social media platforms have an impressive ability to target specific audiences, an email list containing past customers and known prospects can’t be beat – these people are proven leads for your business.

Email also allows you to share more information than you could in an advertisement or social media post. Not only is there more visual space to work with in an email, but email recipients expect to receive more content. Through e-newsletter marketing, there is space and time to point out all the features of the new RV model you have in stock or detailed information about your upcoming sale. Email is one of the only platforms that allows marketers to share a relatively large amount of content while also setting that expectation for recipients.

Before you send out an e-newsletter, consider your dealership’s goal for the piece. Each promotional email you send should have a goal, but don’t let that task overwhelm you. It can be very simple – maybe you’re announcing an upcoming event or sale, or letting your audience know that you’ve got a new RV model in stock. In anticipation of summer camping trips, you could remind your email recipients about the importance of taking their RV in for service. A set campaign goal gives your dealership a purpose for sending the email, and your recipient a reason for opening it. Let these goals guide your marketing strategy on a larger scale and align them with content for your social media posts, online ads, website content, and traditional advertising materials as well.

Make every marketing e-newsletter actionable. If you are promoting a certain RV unit or product, be sure to include a link for customers to submit a lead. When advertising an event or sale, send email recipients to a landing page or form to sign up for it. And remember that even if an email doesn’t have a goal directly related to sales, it still puts your business in front of customers, and you should still provide a way for recipients to reach out to you.

What makes e-newsletter marketing such a valuable tool is that each email serves as a reminder of your business to qualified leads, and those reminders are delivered to your leads in the most convenient way possible. When used intentionally and strategically, e-newsletter marketing is a proven way to capture and keep customers.