J.R. Consumer Resources Inc. recently published the third edition of the “RV Comparison Guide,” rating some 55 North American RV manufacturers and more than 100 best-selling models.
“We’re a niche company publishing a niche product so that someone who walks into an RV show can have a good idea of what’s going on,” said Randall Eaton, president and senior editor of the Clarkston, Wash., on-demand publication – a method of printing copies of books as they are ordered.
Copies of the “2008-2009 RV Comparison Guide” cost $39.95 for an e-mailed PDF version or $49.95 for a hard-copy bound version.
J.R. Consumer has published rating guides for modular housing since 1999 and spun off into the RV side for the 2006 model year. Some 12,000 copies have been sold since, Eaton said.
“Many of our readers who bought our housing publications also wanted to buy RVs,” he said, adding that running changes can be made because the guide is delivered electronically.
Eaton and his staff of four interviewed all the manufacturers rated, and in some cases the company CEO. The reviews also take into account association awards, such as the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association Quality Circle Awards, and the NADA RV guide.
Eaton said that many RVers and potential RVers take as long as six months to make buying decisions, and that the “RV Comparison Guide” helps them make that decision by comparing price, customer satisfaction, price and resale value.
“We have no hidden agendas,” Eaton said. “We have no commissions nor do we accept advertising. We provide good information. People can spend an hour and a half comparing numbers and ratings in our guide and have a better idea of what they want to look at when they go into a dealership or show.”