Go America  Gulf Stream Coach Inc., Nappanee, Ind., began introducing its    2010 towable lineup — focusing on both lightweight and  destination- style designs — in March to dealers at its Nappanee  plant. ”We have geared  ourselves to give the dealers a much  wider dynamic,” said John Stringer,  Gulf Stream national  towables sales manager. ”We’ve gone with  lightweight  trailers in  three categories — under 3,000 pounds, under 2,500  pounds and  a selection between 3,000 and 3,500 pounds. Then we turn  around with an  increased selection in our ‘lodge’ series, large  destination  trailers. The debut  of 2010 models so early in the  year  is intended to give  Gulf Stream dealers  more personal  attention  and get key products to them  earlier in the selling  season. ”We are trying to see our dealers on a more  regional basis,” Stringer  said. ”Normally with our dealer show we try to get 200 dealers in and out of here in three days, and you can’t spend the quality time with them that you want. We set it up with 20 to 25 dealers the first week, 20 or 25 more in a couple of weeks and other small groups after that. Our focus is on a four-week delivery time to our dealers geared towards quick replacement time on key sellers.” Among the new offerings from Gulf Stream is the lightweight entry-level, wood-and-aluminum Go America, travel trailer (pictured at left) featuring a dry weight of 2,000 pounds to 3,200 pounds in 13-25 foot lengths with MSRPs that start at about $14,000. At the opposite end of the spectrum, is the 40-foot wood-and-aluminum Kingsport destination travel trailer with five 8- and 8 1/2-foot-wide floorplans with base prices starting at $24,900. Kingsport features all-electric slideouts, residential appliances, remote control hide-a-beds and 26-inch LCD TVs. ”Where we are seeing growth is in families who may camp 45 days a year, but leave their RV in the campground and commute back and forth,” Stringer said.