Innsbruck Lodge Series trailer

Gulf Stream Coach Inc., Nappanee, Ind., is capitalizing on the accelerating growth in destination camping with the delivery of two top-end floorplans in its Innsbruck and Conquest lines to dealers heading into the spring selling season.

According to a press release, Innsbruck and Conquest, known for smaller, lightweight, high-value travel trailers, are offering Lodge Series floorplans that “give RV dealers an excellent way to profit from customers who want to enjoy long-term resort campground accommodations.”

“Our Lodge Series models offer spacious room sizes, residential-quality furnishings, and high-capacity comfort systems,” says Randy Baskerville, national sales manager for Innsbruck and Conquest. “With 8-foot ceilings, multiple sliderooms, premium hardwood cabinetry and state-of-the-art digital entertainment options, any one of our Lodge Series trailers can be the center of life for an active family for months at a time.”

Baskerville reports that interest in the destination series is growing, confirming reports from campground operators and RV dealers that more and more camping enthusiasts are parking in one spot for months at a time, enjoying the sights, scenery, amenities and relaxed atmosphere of campground.

Lodge Series offers generous room dimensions

The new Innsbruck Model 399DLS features generous room dimensions along with furnishings and fabrics that would fit well in any upscale home. The woodwork is refined with hardwood cabinet doors, glass door inserts, intricate moldings and appealing ways to add functional storage throughout the unit.

A lighted glass-door display cabinet is the focal point in the 399DLS living area. Over 6 feet tall, it is a fitting vacation home for heirloom collectibles and other family treasures.

The five Lodge Series floorplans, all in the 40-foot range, are tailored for families, with kid-friendly bunk rooms, big master suites with queen and king beds, panoramic windows, chef-worthy full-size kitchens and plenty of storage space. Baskerville noted that the units are sharply priced, accommodating families looking for quality and value.

Dealers interested in the Lodge Series trailers and the rest of the Innsbruck and Conquest product lines can contact Baskerville ([email protected]; 574-289-8787 ext. 5176).