Keeping pace with heightened demand, Gulf Stream Coach has dedicated an assembly line for production of its high-end diesel pushers.
“With the introduction of our exclusive sunroom and the all-new G7 Friendship, our high-end business has been revitalized,” Claude Donati, vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release.
According to Plant Manager John Edgerton, the Nappanee, Ind., manufacturer now runs its diesel pushers on a manufacturing line that runs two units a day, spending four hours on each unit.
Dedicating a line to Gulf Stream’s luxury units “allows us more time to give them the attention to detail that they need,” Edgerton said. “We can shift our attention to where it needs to go without rushing to get the units out.”
Current high-end diesel-pusher units include the G7 Friendship, the Crescendo, the Atrium SE and the Scenic Cruiser.