For several years Gulf Stream Coach Inc. has provided a way for dealers to visit its display after hours at the Elkhart RV Open House by installing a bank of stadium lighting surrounding its display. 

“Dealers appreciate the chance to take their time shopping, especially after crowds have thinned out and temperatures have moderated,” said Paul Campbell, Gulf Stream Coach director of marketing in a press release. “Instead of rushing through the heat of the day, our stadium lights let dealers slow down and relax.” 

While other displays can get quite loud and busy in the evening, the Gulf Stream display is open for business with a professional but relaxed atmosphere including cooked to order dinner, appetizers, and beverages.Many dealers take advantage of the lighter traffic to place orders and relax with the Gulf Stream staff,” the release stated.

Campbell points out that Gulf Stream Coach also provides extensive shelter with plenty of seating, easy in-and-out parking, prizes and giveaways, great free lunches and dinners, and on-site chefs willing to fire up a grill any time of day or night.

“Our central location, our extended hours from 9-10 p.m. daily, along with all the other conveniences we offer makes the Gulf Stream Coach display a natural place for dealers to start and end their tour of the Open House.  Gulf Stream Coach is the place to be to meet friends, share meals, and otherwise enjoy the company of other RV professionals during the event,” Campbell said.

The Gulf Stream Coach display is on the RV Hall of Fame campus, at the corner of Independence Court and Executive Parkway.