Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser interior

Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser interior

Gulf Stream Coach Inc. announced the release of the Vintage Cruiser, a distinctive new line of ultralight aerodynamic fiberglass trailers that recapture the style and fun of camping in the 1950’s while using the latest technology, materials and conveniences.

“The Vintage Cruiser project was born when a team of designers, engineers, sales executives, and product managers were inspired by photos and other records of camping in the 1950’s,” said Ultralight Division National Sales Manager Tim Dennig in a press release. “They saw how couples and families enjoyed the great outdoors when life was less complicated, less stressful, and simpler.

Sue Fiedeke, Gulf Stream interior designer, noted, “Our team realized how much there was to love about the positive attitude, can-do spirit, and prosperity of the 50’s generation.  There was something about the look, the sound, the spirit, and the life of that era that everyone would like to recapture. And that’s what the design team tried to do with the Vintage Cruiser – recapture the style of that bygone era for campers to enjoy today.”

Dennig added, “While the team explored camping the 50’s, we realized that there was plenty to love about the advances we’ve made in the way travel trailers are built and equipped in 2015.  That’s why the Vintage Cruiser combines the colors, shapes, style and fun of the 50’s, with the latest engineering, materials, features and functions that today’s campers simply can’t live without. Think about it – as great as the 50’s were, who wants to go camping without a microwave oven, an HDTV and a full bath?”

The Vintage Cruiser is currently available in two 19-foot floorplans each weighing less than 3,000 pounds. Both offer campers feature vacuum-bonded laminated walls, a seamless laminated fiberglass roof, premium-quality cabinetry and state-of-the-art appliances. 

The Vintage Cruiser is shipping to dealers’ lots now. Dealers can get complete information by contacting Dennig at (574) 876-6120 or [email protected]