Gulfstream Coach Inc.’s motorhome retail sales grew by 38% during the first two months of this year, a company executive told the Elkhart (Ind.) Truth.
“We’re so optimistic, it will take a lot to get us going in the other direction,” said Claude Donati, vice president of sales and marketing for Gulfstream’s motorized division.
“I think the market has been vibrant at the retail level,” Donati said. “For the most part, good dealers are doing good business. The dealers not handling their business in a professional manner are struggling.”
The two-month 38% growth in Gulfstream’s motorhome retail sales comes after its retail sales of Class A and Class C motorhomes grew by 44.5% in 2002 over 2001, according to Statistical Surveys Inc.
Gulfstream’s Class A motorhome retail sales grew by 25.8% and its Class C sales grew by 59.3% in 2002, Statistical Surveys also reported.
Gulfstream was the No. 4 producer of Class C’s in 2002 with a 10.7% retail market share. The Nappanee, Ind. company passed industry giant Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. in Class C’s last year.
Fleetwood was No. 5 in Class C’s with a 10.1% retail market share in 2002.
Meanwhile, Gulfstream ranked No. 10 last year in retail sales of Class A’s, according to Statistical Surveys. The company had a 2.8% retail market share in Class A’s.
As a whole, the Class A market grew by 10.1% and the Class C market expanded by 16.4% in 2002, Statistical Surveys reported. The combined Class A and Class C market grew by 11.9% last year.