Although British firm Heywood Williams Group PLC recently sold its Creation Group subsidiary, the company is not looking to sell its two other RV industry-related firms, LaSalle Bristol Corp. and Bristolpipe, according to the Elkhart (Ind.) Truth.
Last week, Heywood Williams announced it sold Elkhart-based windows and doors supplier Creation Group to DURA Automotive Systems, which also is the parent of RV industry supplier Atwood Mobile Products.
DURA agreed to pay around $57 million for Creation.
However, Heywood Williams plans to hold on to its two other Elkhart County, Ind.-based firms, LaSalle Bristol and Bristolpipe, according to Ian Stuart, Heywood Williams’ CEO.
“Heywood Williams sees great opportunities to develop LaSalle Bristol and Bristolpipe, and we are looking forward to working with U.S. management in the future,” Stuart told the newspaper. “We are not engaged in any process to sell LaSalle Bristol, Bristolpipe, nor any parts of these businesses.
“The sale of Creation was a specific decision and has no implications with regard to the rest of our U.S. operations,” he added.
LaSalle Bristol makes and distributes plumbing, air distribution and lighting products while Bristolpipe makes plastic pipe for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses.