In a media promotion developed by RVIA, Joe Cahn, the “Commissioner of Tailgating,” will launch his presidential campaign as the Tailgating Party candidate in New York City later this month.
His formal announcement as the choice of the “real party of the people” is timed to benefit from the media buildup to the Republican National Convention and the Giants-Jets preseason football game on Aug. 27.
Cahn, an RVIA spokesperson and recipient of the association’s 2003 Spirit of America Award, is an accomplished author, seasoned radio and TV personality, professional chef and the self-proclaimed “Commissioner of Tailgating.”
He will be touring in his campaign vehicle, dubbed “RV-1,” to dozens of campaign appearances and media interviews in football stadium parking lots.
To build media interest, RVIA’s public relations team has developed campaign buttons and banners, a press kit, and video footage of Cahn presiding over the RV football tailgating scene.
For the past eight years, Cahn has raised the profile of RV tailgating in the national media. CBS Sunday Morning, The Food Network, Fox News and CNN are just a few of the outlets that have covered Cahn’s annual RV trek to college and professional football stadiums across the country.
Some of Cahn’s Tailgating Party position statements will include:
* Trickle-Down Economics – In an RV with a bathroom, tailgaters don’t have to worry about “trickle down” anything.
* Supply-Side Economics – Everyone should purchase supplies…supplies are necessary for a good tailgating party.
* Public Spending – The public should spend time tailgating.
* Supply & Demand: The public demands a burger, the Tailgating Party supplies the bun.
* Foreign Policy – The Tailgating Party brings all nationalities to the table: Swedish meatballs, French fries, Italian sausages and German strudel.
* Partisan Politics – Forget the Right Wing and Left Wing; just give the people a chicken wing.
* The burger stops here.