Enjoying the great outdoors in style will be a little easier for Levi Bryant thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Hall’s RV in Albertville, Ala., according to the Sand Mountain Reporter.

Being a 6-year-old that’s critically ill has made things difficult for Levi. He lives in Attalla with his parents, Neil and Ashley Bryant, and his older brother, Caleb.

“Levi was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 3,” Ashley said. “There is currently no cure and only steroid treatments to help slow the progression of the muscle wasting disease. Most boys are wheelchair dependent by age 9. Levi’s independent and determined attitude has helped him stay active until this point. Because of his condition, however, Levi has always wanted to play soccer and isn’t able to.”

Ashley said Levi wanted to make sure he could go camping with his family before Neil deployed to Texas for border patrol with the National Guard. Neil said he was overjoyed by what the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Hall’s RV did for Levi.

“This is so breathtaking, and I couldn’t wait to see his face,” Neil said. “He’s super-excited, and he deserves it. He’s a firecracker.”

Since campers can be expensive, Make-A-Wish Development Manager Christina Zabala said the foundation was lucky to find Hall’s RV in Albertville. With Hall’s RV being a family-owned business, owners Brook Battles and her parents, Randy and Sarah Hall, were able to give Make-A-Wish a discounted price for Levi’s camper.

But, they didn’t stop there. Battles said the Bryant Family would have everything they would need for the new camper, including a hitch, break-box, all of the hoses and camping equipment. Additionally, Battles and her family presented Levi and his brother with fishing poles and tackle and other camping gear to add to the camper.

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