Hanson Capital Partners LLC, the entity owned and controlled by the descendants of Winnebago Industries Inc. founder John K. Hanson, informed the motorhome manufacturer today (Jan. 6) that it has completed the sale of 700,000 shares of Winnebago stock.
Hanson Capital continues to own a little more than 2.66 million shares of Winnebago stock, or about 16% of the company.
Hanson Capital revealed in November that it planned to sell up to 700,000 shares of Winnebago stock, depending on market conditions, prior to March 31.
John V. Hanson, son of the late John K. Hanson, managing director of Hanson Capital and a member of the Winnebago Board of Directors, said the family has been selling its Winnebago shares from time to time in order to diversify the family’s investment portfolio in an orderly manner.
The family has been selling Winnebago shares since 1997. The stock sale program was initiated after the death of John K. Hanson in 1996.
Hanson Capital revealed its latest stock sale plan shortly after the death in October of Luise Hanson, John K. Hanson’s widow.
Hanson Capital’s announcement was issued after the stock market closed today. Winnebago stock climbed above $70 a share for a time today in New York Stock Exchange trading.
The Forest City, Iowa-based firm’s stock price reached as high as $70.14 a share today, before closing at $69.70, up 38 cents for the trading session.
The 52-week high for Winnebago’s stock is $71.00 a share, which was reached last month.