Attendance at the Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show was much improved Thursday and today (Friday), according to Rebecca Lenington, executive vice president of the Pennsylvania RV & Camping Association.

The consumer show, known by RV industry insiders as the “Harrisburg Show, ” opened on Wednesday, when the world was in shock over the hijacking of four commercial airline flights, the destruction of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon, the deaths of around 5,000 people and the apparent attempt to kill President Bush.

Consequently, attendance at the show in Harrisburg was down 14% on Wednesday, when compared with the first consumer day last year, Lenington said.

However, on Thursday, a total of 4,091 adults bought tickets to attend the show, a figure that was only 3% below the attendance total for the second day of last year’s show, she said.

As of this afternoon, Lenington said it appeared attendance would about equal the attendance on the Friday of last year’s show.

“We are down about 8% now (in terms of total attendance when compared with last year’s show), but the gap is narrowing,” Lenington said.

“We (show sponsors) are very surprised (with the strength of the turnout),” Lenington added. “And the dealers are saying it’s a buying crowd. People (show attendees) are saying they want to think positive.”