Sonia and John Barrow have lived in their 35-foot trailer since Hurricane Harvey pushed a foot-and-a-half of water under their door. “It’s been real cozy,” said Sonia, 58.

So, according to a Houston Chronicle report, the Baytown couple visited the Houston RV Show and bought a new one.

Harvey damaged 150,000 homes in Houston alone, killed more than 80 and caused as much as $180 billion in damage in Texas. But, as it did with car and home sales, it has also provided a bump in recreational vehicle and trailer sales in the region.

Sales figures weren’t immediately available. But RV dealers said Sunday (Feb. 11) that they’ve seen a rise in sales from Harvey survivors. Larry Troutt III, general manager of Topper’s Camping Center in Waller, said Harvey boosted sales by 50 or 60 units, as much as 10% on the year. The company offered free delivery for Harvey victims; Troutt said he dropped off several in the driveways of flooded homes.

Troutt, president of the Houston chapter of the Recreational Vehicle Dealers of Texas, said the bigger RV dealers have seen even larger upticks.

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