Landmark 365 by Heartland

Landmark 365 by Heartland

Nine months ago Heartland Recreational Vehicles made the decision to invest in the future of Landmark. The company made it a stand-alone division and hired industry veteran Tom Montague to lead Landmark in a new direction.

Today, that investment in the future is paying off, according to a press release. Landmark 365 is starting to hit dealer lots all across the country. More exciting than that, the product has been well received by dealers and Heartland has seen a tremendous increase in retail orders in a short period of time.

“They have complete confidence in me,” said Montague. “They’ve given me the freedom and the tools to do what it takes to build an industry-leading brand. All great Landmarks have a story and LM365 is no different. While most of the industry is diversifying their offering, we are focused like a laser. We know exactly who we are and exactly what we want to accomplish.”

“LM365 is built for the Baby Boomers but we’ve broken it down even further,” said Montague, noting there are three distinct groups under the Baby Boomer umbrella. “First, are the permanent site or extended stay Boomers who don’t travel much; second are the newly retired, on-the-go Boomers who can’t wait to see what North America has to offer; and the third and growing group is work campers, folks who are still working and choose to live in a fifth-wheel.

There are 17 million Boomers scheduled to retire over the next 15 years. “LM365 is building a product to meet the growing needs of this diverse group,” said Heartland President Chris Hermon. “Tom’s team understands the market better than anyone in the industry.”

For more information on the Landmark 365 visit www.heartlandrvs.com or contact Tom Montague at (574) 266-6424.