(L-R) Heartland VP of Sales & Marketing Coley Brady, Bianchini, and Heartland General Manager Mike Creech

(L-R) Heartland VP of Sales & Marketing Coley Brady, Jamie Bianchini, and Heartland General Manager Mike Creech

Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is partnering with Jamie Bianchini, offering sponsorship for an upcoming cross-country trek to promote his book, A Bicycle Built for Two Billion, chronicling his eight-year, 80-country world journey on a tandem bike.

The Elkhart, Ind.-based builder will be supplying a North Trail travel trailer for the 12,000-mile, 38-city book tour that originates in Santa Cruz, Calif., lands in New York City, then circles back to Southern California. To access the route and schedule for the tour visit www.aBicycleBuiltForTwoBillion.com.

Bianchini’s international journey through Europe, Africa and Latin America offered a platform for world harmony as Bianchini provided rides to over 1,000 total strangers.

“By inviting strangers to ride with me I hoped to do my part in creating more peace in the world by reducing unnecessary fears and prejudices between people,” said Bianchini, co-founder of Peace Pedalers.

Heartland’s sponsorship was cemented during a Jan. 28 presentation at the builder’s campus in Elkhart of the 2015 lightweight North Trail trailer, which will be emblazoned with graphics promoting Bianchini’s “Family Book Tour.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Heartland, as a corporation, to align with someone who has taken on such a significant cause,” said Coley Brady, vice president of sales and marketing for Heartland. “When Jamie first approached us, we were instantly drawn in. We are very excited about this partnership.”

The tour, which will receive media attention in addition to online promotion, also provides Heartland with another unique opportunity to connect with its consumer base. Bianchini and his family will be staying at KOA campgrounds throughout the tour, interacting with RVers and “offering the chance to get the North Trail in front of people,” Brady noted.

“Our North Trail line just experienced its best year ever, and we’re looking to grow even more in 2015,” added General Manager Mike Creech, noting the company recently moved the brand into a dedicated production facility to address rising demand. “North Trail offers a blend of amenities, structural integrity and affordability that distinguishes the line in the extremely high-volume lightweight, laminated sector for our dealers, and the end user.”

Creech said Bianchini also recognized North Trail as offering the durability and overall comfort needed for the arduous tour.

“He picked the North Trail over a lot of other brands,” he said. “He drives an SUV so it was important to have a trailer that was truly lightweight. He also wanted a trailer that was well-built, and he saw that we go the extra mile with added insulation along with laminated 2-inch sidewalls and a 3-inch laminated roof.

“Jamie was impressed with Heartland’s quality and we’re proud to be part of his journey. We will be following his travels and are looking forward to being part of such an important cause.”