Ford Motor Co. announced today (Aug. 30) that shipments of the 22,000-pound gross vehicle weight (gvw) rated version of its F53 gas engine motorhome chassis might be slightly delayed.

“We are running on a very tight development schedule and hope to maintain our previously stated timing with only a slight delay,” reports John Goshorn, planning and distribution and account manager for Ford’s North American RV and commercial vehicles division.

Ford initially stated the 22,000-pound gvw version of the F53 would become available in October.

The 22,000-pound gvw version of the F53, which Ford will market as a model year 2001 unit, will include a Triton 6.8-litre, 310-horsepower Ford engine with 425 lbs.-foot of torque. It also will include the Ford 4R100 transmission.

Ford will continue building a 20,500-pound gvw version of the F53 for Class A motorhome builders.

Ford produced the highest gvw-rated motorhome chassis until Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC began shipping its 22,000-pound gvwr W22 chassis earlier this month.