Motorhome owners towing automobiles or boats in back of their rigs is a common sight, but a Southern California couple may be the only ones pulling a small helicopter in back of their truck camper, according to CaveJunctionNews.com, a local news website for Cave Junction, Ore.
Stuart and Kathy Fields of Inyokurn, Calif., recently took part in the Air Eventure in Grants Pass, Ore., the website reported.
The Fields built their experimental helicopter, christened “Baby Bell” in their garage at home. Actually, Stuart built the craft, and Kathy designed the paint job. Although the two-seat chopper had to pass FAA inspection, like all experimental aircraft builders, Stuart didn’t need a license to build it and doesn’t need one to do his own repairs.
The Baby Bell can reach an altitude of 10,000 feet and top out at over 100 mph, but usually cruises at 70 to 80 mph.
“We have the perfect RV toy,” added Kathy explaining that they take their camper, with Baby Bell in tow, to experimental aircraft events all over the U.S., sometimes as many as 14 in a year. This year, one of their stops will be Oshkosh, Wis., for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Air Venture, one of the biggest experimental air shows in the world.