unnamedHellwig just released the entire product line for the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma, including front and rear sway bars, three different levels of helper leaf spring and an air suspension kit.

The company said in a release that it worked with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and Toyota to get a preview of the vehicles before they were released to get the products to our customers as quick as possible. More details on all the products are below.

• Tacoma Front Sway Bar: The front suspension design is unchanged from the previous generation so the 7719 front sway bar fits both the second generation (2005-2015) 4×4 and PreRunner Tacomas as well as the new, third Generation 2016 Tacoma. Since there is no longer a base 2 wheel-drive Tacoma, this sway bar will fit all 2016 models. The sway bar is an upgraded, 1 3/8-inch solid sway bar which easily installs in the factory location, reuses the factory end links and includes polyurethane bushings. It is made from heat treated, chromoly steel.

• Tacoma Rear Sway Bar: The third generation, 2016 Toyota Tacoma comes with two options for rear axles. Hellwig designed this 3/4-inch rear sway bar to fit both axles and work with all 2016 Tacoma models. This bar is made from heat treat, chromoly steel and has a lifetime warranty on all steel parts. It includes all the brackets, hardware and bushings necessary to install the part. The Tacoma does not come with a rear sway bar from the factory so adding one greatly improves the handling and decreases body roll.

• Tacoma EZ-550 Helper Spring: The 550 is Helwig’s light duty helper spring rated up to 500 pounds.This spring easily bolts onto the top of the factory leaf pack behind the axle u-bolts.

• Tacoma EZ-990 Helper Spring: The 980 is our medium duty helper spring rated up to 2000 pounds.This spring bolts onto the top of the factory leaf pack underneath the axle u-bolts, retaining the OEM bump stop.The u-bolts on either end can be adjusted to change the rate of the helper spring. This allows the user to adjust it to their specific load or to even level the vehicle left to right.

• Tacoma 5 Leaf Helper Spring: The 1906 helper spring is the heaviest duty offering for the Toyota Tacoma. It was designed specifically or the heavy hauler, using a Tacoma with a cab over camper as the test platform. This kit replaces the thick, factory, underslung overload leaf with five thinner leaves to increase the rate but make the ride more progressive as well. The kit includes new axle u-bolts, center pins, leaves and emergency brake cable bracket required for the install.

• Tacoma Air Suspension: The frame and axle mounting locations did not change on the third generation 2016 Tacoma so the 6305 air kit works for the new truck. This air bag kit is designed to help level heavy loads from towing or hauling. It bolts between the frame and axle and does not require any welding or drilling to install. The bags are rated at 2500 pounds each. The kit includes all air bags, brackets, hardware, fittings and air line required for the install.