Bus-conversion manufacturer Hemphill Brothers Coach Co., Nashville, Tenn., has leased units to President Bush’s re-election campaign and to ABC News, according to satellite TV antenna supplier KVH Industries Inc., which supplies Hemphill.
The president used the Hemphill coach during his tour earlier this month to Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, and ABC has leased three Hemphill bus conversions, known as “Red,” “White” and “Blue,” for covering the campaign.
The president’s coach and the three ABC coaches all were equipped with KVH’s TracVision L3 satellite TV antennas and the TracNet Mobile High-speed Internet System in order to keep in touch with breaking news and world events while on the road.
“When a campaign or the media is on the road, they need to have access to all of that news from all of the same sources that they depend on in their offices,” said Jim Dodez, KVH’s vice president of marketing
“With TracVision, every TV on a motorcoach can show a different satellite TV channel while our TracNet system offers two-way access to the Internet with broadband downloads, even as the vehicles are crisscrossing the country,” Dodez added.