Heng's Universal Vents and Range Hoods

Heng's Universal Vents and Range Hoods

When it comes to maximizing aftermarket profit margins, easy product installation stands out as a tried-and-true time saver. Products that are designed to replace existing lower grade, or damaged RV components, are one sure way to help keep productivity – and profits – up in today’s competitive marketplace.

Heng’s Industries has been manufacturing quality RV products since 1999. Well established in the RV component/sealant manufacturing world, Heng’s RV-related products include roof vents, range hoods, stainless-steel sinks, escape hatches, mini vents, plumbing vent caps, tire carriers, propane straps, folding table legs, standard table legs and bases, roof coatings, putty tapes, butyl tapes and acrylic and silicone sealants.

Heng’s RV Clamp-Style Roof Vents

One of the first components that suffer frequent low-clearance damage on the roof of an RV is the vulnerable roof vent. Not designed to take on overhanging tree limbs or other overhead obstacles, the plastic cover is bound to loose the battle when the driver forgets that keeping an eye on what’s overhead is easily as important as keeping them on the road. Damaged or cracked-and-leaking roof vents are commonly found on newer RVs driven by relatively inexperienced drivers, but professional replacement can be time consuming and pull installers away from other more intensive repairs that require their trained expertise.

Heng’s Standard Mount Universal Vents are designed to address this situation by providing a product that reduces critical installation time. Once the damaged vent and mounting base are removed, or in the case of a new install, the mounting hole has been cut in the RV’s roof, the self-centering Heng’s clamp-style roof vent is slipped into place, eliminating any installation guess work and assuring perfect alignment in the roof opening. The four-screw inside-flange mount, featuring injection molded, telescoping design to accommodate a variety of roof thicknesses, sandwiches the top metal base and the inside garnish together with the positive-seal weather stripping, compressing to make a water-tight seal. In addition, the one-piece, seamless external flange is designed to cover any existing installation holes when replacing a damaged vent. This clamp-style engineering significantly reduces installation time, thus enhancing profit margins. And because no external screws are used to secure the supporting frame to the roof, this design significantly reduces the possibility of water seeping past any fasteners.

Heng’s vents also incorporate a unique integral hinge system that allows the acrylic, UV-resistant lid to be attached to the base without the need of hinge pins. This simple and efficient design minimizes the number of parts while also eliminating metal fittings that would be exposed to weathering and eventual failure.

Heng’s offers a wide variety of vent configurations from non-powered hand-cranked models to power-lift models with 12-volt direct current fans. You can even order conventional, standard-mount, painted metal base vents. All translucent lids feature acrylic UV-resistant glazing materials that conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 205 standards.

Heng’s RV Range Hoods

With many owners holding off on replacing their existing RV, and instead looking to upgrade to more efficient systems, or for manufacturers fitting galley components in new units, Heng’s offers installers a selection of power-exhaust range hoods available with totally enclosed lights and a washable aluminum filter. Available in black, white, sand or stainless-steel finishes, Heng’s range hoods, rated to move 138-cubic-feet of air per minute, are certified for both U.S.A. and Canadian installations, and have a current draw of just 2.5 amps (12-volts, direct current).

Optional exterior vent covers can be ordered from Heng’s to complete the professional installation. Vent hoods are available in two versions, the Slope Nose (18-inches deep) or Flat Front (17.5-inches deep) models. Standard widths include 10, 22 or 24-inch hoods. Options include a fan & light, ductless models and monitor panel systems. Heng’s products have UL, IAPMO, CSA, and/or other certifications.