Brad herzog speaks to media

Brad Herzog speaks to media

Brad and Amy Herzog have concluded their 16th media tour promoting RVing and the RV lifestyle in media markets around the country. As reported by RVIA Today Express, this June and July, the Herzogs embarked on a 6,000-mile, six-week tour that took them to 11 states and resulted in media placements in 18 media markets throughout the Northwest and Midwest.

At each stop, the Herzogs delivered the message that RVing is a fun, flexible and affordable way for families to travel. This year’s tour was dubbed “Nostalgia On Wheels” to give media an easy way to talk about the retro motorhome provided by Winnebago. Throughout the tour, reporters were given Q&A suggestions that enabled the Herzogs to deliver key industry messages in an engaging manner.

“There are so many ways you can save when you’re traveling by RV,” Brad Herzog told WGN-Chicago viewers. “You can be in control of the budget of a vacation.”

“It’s a great way to travel with kids,” Amy Herzog said. “They’re looking out at the landscape of America that’s unfolding before their eyes. It’s education disguised as entertainment.”

The tour included interviews that aired in 18 media markets, including Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, Wis., Salt Lake City, Spokane, Wash., Madison, Wis., and Boise, Idaho.

For a complete listing of Herzog interviews, as well as RVs appearing in the mainstream media, please visit the media page at RVIA.org.