Hi-Lo Trailer Co. Inc., Belleville, Ohio, borrowed from the design of its telescoping towables to create the new Hi-Lo Mojo lightweight travel trailer with the retro appearance of a teardrop trailer in the travel mode but with 75 inches of headroom inside when set up. With a dry weight of 1,400 pounds, the 16-foot Hi-Lo is hinged in front of the door while the rear raises with the assistance of air struts. “It’s the same as a Hi-Lo trailer, but we only do half of it,” said Chairman Jim Snyder. Unlike a traditional teardrop, the Mojo’s kitchen is inside the unit. Snyder said the aerodynamic styling allows easier towing. “We gain stability and a lower center of balance,” he said. Base MSRP is $12,953 with refrigerators, furnaces and awnings optional.