Hickory Springs Fall-Away Cross Bar

Hickory, N.C.-based components supplier Hickory Springs Manufacturing Co. has introduced the patented Fall-Away Cross Bar, a mechanism designed to raise the comfort level in sleeper sofas.

According to a press release, the Fall-Away Cross Bar is designed to sit 2.5 inches lower than previous models, creating a gap between the mattress and the bar so the sleeper does not experience any discomfort. While the middle bar of the mechanism is necessary for support when the sofa is in a seating position, once the bed is opened, the Fall-Away Cross Bar rotates to its lower position.

The new sleeper mechanism will be offered to all existing customers at no additional cost, making it an industry standard from Hickory Springs. The Fall-Away Cross Bar can be used in all towable and motorized RV models.

“Our new Fall-Away Cross Bar is a ‘hidden value product.’ You may not see the difference, but you can definitely feel it,” said Mickey Thomas, director of sales for the company’s JSI division based in Elkhart, Ind. “There is nothing else like it on the market. Complaints about the discomfort of RV beds are legendary. It was time to get innovative to eliminate the mid-back discomfort RVers feel due to the middle bar of a hide-away bed digging into their body. This truly gives our customers a unique selling point.”

Hickory Springs sleepers come with innerspring or foam mattresses in a wide range of sizes, lengths and depths, complete with a convenient patented Headlock Dual-Locking TV Headrest.