Gasoline prices have climbed above $2 a gallon and the cost of diesel fuel is not far behind in California, but, so far, RV sales have been unaffected, according to a dealership spokeswoman who was quoted by the Press-Enterprise of Riverside, Calif.
The reason is simple: RVs are driven to their destination and remain there for extended periods of time, so they do not burn that much gas or diesel fuel, said Mellanie Ingle, marketing director for Giant RV, a multilocation Southern California dealership.
On average, a motorhome is driven only 5,000 miles per year, so the higher fuel prices will add only a few hundred dollars to the owners’ operating costs, she told the newspaper.
Gas and diesel fuel prices in California currently are well above the national average, according to www.fuelgaugereport.com, a service of AAA (Triple-A).
In California, self-serve regular unleaded gas now costs, on average, $2.114 a gallon, compared with the national average of $1.681 a gallon.
The average price for diesel in California now is $1.977 a gallon, compared with $1.663 a gallon nationwide.
Gas and diesel fuel prices have risen several cents a gallon nationwide in the past month because of winter heating season demands depleting inventories. A month ago, the national average price for self-serve unleaded regular was $1.617 and for $1.641 for diesel.The increase in California was much more dramatic. Regular unleaded cost $1.751 a gallon in California a month ago and diesel cost on average $1.796.