Gasoline prices soared to a near-record $2.09 a gallon in California’s San Joaquin Valley as of Tuesday (Aug. 26), but the high prices have not hurt RV sales, Fresno, Calif.-based dealer Paul Evert told The Fresno Bee.
“People are so used to prices going up and down, they just weather it,” the owner of Paul Evert’s RV Country told the newspaper.
“They (consumers) know that right after (Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1), prices will start going down,” said Evert, who has been selling RVs for 26 years and who also owns a dealership in Laughlin, Nev.
The all-time record high gas price for the Fresno area was $2.15 a gallon set on March 25, when the military conflict in Iraq was in progress.
Now, gas prices are high because of the rupture earlier this month of a major pipeline between Arizona and Texas. Although California was not supplied by the ruptured pipeline, gas supplies from California were sent to Arizona, reducing California’s fuel inventories.
An offline California oil refinery and consumers filling up in advance of the holiday weekend also contributed to the run-up in prices, the newspaper reported.
Nationally, the price of self-serve regular unleaded gasoline hit an all-time record high of $1.736 a gallon on Thursday (Aug. 28), according to the AAA’s www.fuelgaugereport.com.
A year-ago, the national average price for regular unleaded was $1.406 a gallon.
The AAA website’s prices are based upon credit card sales at 60,000 gasoline stations across the county.
However, diesel fuel prices currently are almost 9% lower than gas prices, according to the AAA. The national average price for diesel fuel as of Thursday was $1.583 a gallon, well below the all-time record high for diesel of $1.829 set last March 14.
In California, the price of self-serve regular unleaded averaged $2.16 a gallon on Thursday, and the average price for diesel was $1.894 a gallon, the AAA reports.