A digital grey, black and fresh-water holding-tank monitoring system has been developed for the RV market by Electronic Materials and Devices Group Inc. (EMD), the Elk Grove Village, Ill. firm announced today.
The company’s SensaTank RV 100 holding-tank system was first demonstrated at a NASCAR Race in Bristol, Tenn., on Aug. 23 in the Fleetwood Heritage Victory Circle Coach.
SensaTank RV 100 uses digital detector cells to monitor fluid levels. They are free of moving parts and are mounted on the outside of the plastic holding tanks, “which eliminates the reliability issues that are inherent with traditional probe solutions,” according to EMD, a unit of Material Sciences Corp.
The SensaTank RV 100’s Mirus detector cells were linked with Fleetwood’s proprietary networked data system.
“EMD worked closely with Fleetwood’s product development team at the American Coach division to produce a product that could integrate seamlessly with the single-point monitor system inside the coach,” according to EMD.
“EMD’s Mirus detector cell technology gave us exactly the type of digital-level signal that we needed for our networked Victory Circle coach,” added Steve Gilbert, materials administrator for Fleetwood’s American Coach operation in Decatur, Ind.